The Hike-O-Holics are a group of adventurous individuals who can't get enough from hiking. We love to explore, travel, and recreate ourselves outdoors whenever we get the chance to do so.  Our hikes are very fun.  There's always an intention or goal every time we hike.  We crave beautiful views from mountain tops, unique waterfalls, rare trails, bucket list challenges (rock climbing, walking through creeks and rivers, running on difficult trails, etc...), and most of all a great time.  We all get along very well, we are a brotherhood and we all got love for one each other.  Our mission is to share our hikes with the world, share hiking tips, and most of all show people that hiking is not difficult as people perceive it.




We are pretty sure Reggie was bitten by a radio active spider and never told anyone. Every one on the squad makes  difficult hikes look like easy, but the boldest and most difficult task are Child splay for this guy. 


Jaylin has no fear. Jumping in water 3 times his height and cant swim. The adventure side of the hike is ALWAYS amplified when J is there.


Skilla is from the tropics, his hike game is on 1000. So by default hes always the navigator and seeker of resourceful. information. On top of that, hes very competitive ! So if the map says its dangerous, that is the route hes choosing!    


Chavy keeps everyone in a great mood and brings the food. Everyone loves this dude.


Alpha just comes to be outside and fly his drone to take pics and we love him for it! He's ready to go at the drop of a dime.


Mel is the senior of the bunch, naturally hes the logistics guy! His wisdom mixed with creativity always make one heck of an adventure


Chaz is security.  Say Hi to Maya for us Chaz!